The Archbishop Thabo Makgoba prayed with Nelson Mandela in his home in 2009 at the request of Graca Machel. This marked the start of an unusual relationship between Southern Africa’s Anglican leader and Mandela in his quietening years. Join Makgoba in his journey towards faith, from his boyhood in Alex as the son of a ZCC pastor to Bishopscourt and praying with Mandela. He shares his feelings about his pastoral approach to the world icon, and how they influenced his thinking on ministering to church and nation in the current era. What did praying with those nearest and dearest to Mandela mean? What was his spirituality? In trying to answer these questions, Makgoba opens a window on South Africa’s spiritual make-up and life.

A very short book detailing the Archbishop Thabo as a cleric, an attempt to answer the questions post by his son Nyakallo, that is the many “Why that daddy?” and “Why this Daddy?” Perhaps a brief introduction of what led to Faith and Courage, published in 2005.

The experience of spinal cord-injured underground miners highlights a problem that requires deeper reflection about workplace spirituality, particularly as it relatees to the socio-economic context of the miners. What is spirituality for injured workers, in general as they are forced to confront suden severed spinal cords and new working and living contexts. Does the currnt body of knowledge on the workplace spirituality in particular, adequately provides an understanding of this reality faced by the injured miner? Do captains of the mining industry, medical teams involved in the rehabilitation of the injured miners as well as the communities in which they return to live, fully understand the depth of the miners spirituality? In this book, a conceptualization of African workplace spirituality is offered for possible replication in dealing with workplace spirituality, especially in traumatic situations.