Restoring Individuals and Communities for the common good and fostering Social Cohesion

About Us

Poverty, inequality and unemployment are persistent in Southern Africa.

The Archbishop Thabo Makgoba Development Trust aims to have a greater social impact by addressing these social economic challenges. It aims to provide educational opportunities, skills and entrepreneural development as well as promote health awareness.

The Development trust is also working with established entrepreneurs to mentor and coach youth and women.


1.  Economic and entrepreneurial development in Southern Africa.
2.  Increasing social impact through Education and Health Enterprises.
3.  Capacity building and the promotion of community based sustainable co-operatives.
4.  Provision of bursary and scholarships to individuals and institutions.
5.  Financial assistance to programmes and activities undertaken by the Anglican Church in advancing and/or preserving the practice of Christianity in Southern Africa.
6.  Development of ethical and moral leadership in Southern Africa.

What Do We Do?

1. We fund individuals, Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs), Community Based Organisations (CBOs) involved in training and mentoring women and unemployed youth.
2. We encourage corporates to invest in learners and communities in these programmes.
3. We encourage corporates to invest in the future of South Africans.
4. We partner with Higher Educational Institutions and Schools to provide bursaries and Scholarship to student on merit.
5. We provide financial support to NPOs and CBOs engaged in educational, health and economic enterprise.

6. We endow and partner with university faculties/departments to host annual public lectures, on values, ethics, rural livelihoods, and local economic development. 

How Can You Be Involved:

1. Adopt a community project through the Archbishop Thabo Makgoba Development Trust
2. Invest in developing the next generation of competent, ethical and moral leaders in business, politics and society 
3. Mentor and coach women through the Archbishop Thabo Makgoba Development Trust
4. Provide for scholarships and bursaries
5. Publicise the work of Archbishop Thabo Makgoba Development Trust

6. Donate any amount of money in any currency, for the Trust’s 4 legacy areas, viz: Education, Social Justice, Food Security and Electronic Resource Library and Digital Archives.


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Cape Town


Tel: 021 763 1334/23

Fax: 021 761 4193


The Archbishop Thabo Makgoba Development Trust

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